TNT’s “THE HERO” hosted by Dwayne “THE ROCK” Johnson

October 21, 2012

I just went to my first casting call every in my life ! I was boring, slow, and intimidating, but thought I aced it but never got a call back. Left feeling so lost and disappointed, but not discouraged. I wouldn’t give a rats ass if they didn’t call back. I want to also say I know everyone else they pick will be full of shit some big disappointment. That will only be a even bigger burnout of fame and glory were the rest of those stars are that you have not heard about in years. When you do hear about them there are in jail or trying to do something stupid. I also want to say please people stop your idiocracy you see me somewhere and say something about me being a man note that I am not here on this earth to prove anything to you. I heard the scum say something about “They need real men” just to say it fuck you. I see you had to whisper that shit. I want to get in a ring with some of the little bullies that really think so badly of me. This world is full of a bunch of bullshit people and most just want to use someone else as there prop to make themselves look bigger or better than they really are. Damn jerks! You make me feel really important when you see me somewhere and you start making your comments and start watching me and all the hater shit that you do! Thanks I feel really feel like a true superstar LMAO reminds me of this funny as hell and all of her peers act the same way. Assholes! It is so OK I am content with the situation and hope you know I will prevail and all that hate on me you know how stupid you are test your IQ you know your a dumb-ass no need for me to tell you or prove it to you. Real men know they are men others have to prove they are. I will never prove shit to you because I don’t have to and will not attempt to.

I want to add I looking to win this I know I didn’t nail the this audition at all! So I am going to start an online attempts to get the attentions of who every I have to- to get this opportunity if not going to the military and I will be further informed about what is really real. If I do get this opportunity I am going to prove you all wrong and I want this competition to be hard and difficult! Just to show this neighborhood and homeland terrorist and bullies that they were so wrong about me and I do not want your respect afterward you know your wrong. I want you to come to me and try to beat me at it. I want you to lay down and follow me and try to put up with the same ridiculement and ridiculous bullshit judgement that I have to live with. I want you to shut the and start listening to yourselves look like total idiots.

Further more kiss my… I just don’t see me being a good star because you don’t like me and I damn sure don’t like too many people never have. Then thinking about going to the military to fight for stupid people that don’t fight for anything right. Or even treat others right or remotely correct. I have been wanting to go to the military since I was 16 and in JROTC and now that I am older. I don’t know if I would lay down my life for someone that give a rats ass about me or ever to say that people ignorant enough to even lye on me, cheat me, steal from me, even have the nerve to think of me in such a bad way. I can see it in most of the people I meet eyes of how you think. The reason I look at you like your a idiot or like I want you to bust a move. I need just one reason to feel threaten or when police arrive to the scene I can say I fear for my life that’s why I hit him with it!

But back to the audition I want this so I can get my family out of this life and into a new! I want this opportunity so I can prove to the world how they under estimated me for too long they will see the real me and see how they should not judge someone or listen to what the heard or what they think they know! And to kiss my ass once I am done prove how much of a bitch they truly are!! Damn Bullies!


www me

January 7, 2010

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Well this is my first Blog and I would like to start by saying hello to all that is reading and I hope to read all your good replies and harsh criticism against all that I type (who gives a shit right). But on the contrary I will be posting very interesting topics and issues that I hope people will read, laugh and love and learn from.

First topic I just got off the phone with University admins and I am unofficially enrolled in college. Back to school for me LoL! I finished the FASFA, and enrollment forms for the school. waiting to see what happens let you know tomorrow “what’s really Good in the Hood”  It is a time for a change and I want more out of life and what the hell LIL Wayne went to school (U of H) so I can too. I feel ten time dumber now comparing myself to him but he does have the dough and the hoes so let me give him credit! LMAO and I want change the lame ass acronyms LMAO, LOL, the only one I like is WTF. I guess because it’s using profanity. If you think about it you are really not LOL – typing it to someone. It like the tree falling in the woods does anyone here it. Of course it’s makes a sound but no one hears it. So someone shoot the damn lumber jack for chopping the tree down and the person that thought acronyms was witty.  But I do like that song “LOL Smiley face by Trey Song”.

But to more reliant issues, I want to know what everyone thinks about my first blog and about our new terrorist threat we have just encountered and how President Obama is handling it? President Barack Obama declared Thursday “the buck stops with me” for the nation’s security.

For the Full Story:;_ylt=Aqxuc1tHj7KnC3cUUrXNFNys0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTNwM3ZhbTcyBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAwMTA4L3VzX29iYW1hX2FpcmxpbmVfc2VjdXJpdHkEY2NvZGUDbW9zdHBvcHVsYXIEY3BvcwMxBHBvcwMzBHB0A2hvbWVfY29rZQRzZWMDeW5fdG9wX3N0b3J5BHNsawNmdWxsbmJzcHN0b3I-

Hit me up let me know what’s on your mind! Thank you for reading. Later!